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High Quality Videocamera & Audio Cases  for Professionals

Made In Vermont, USA

strut 1 - [struht] noun,verb: to brace, support or give strength to by means of a ‘strut’ or struts

strut 2 - verb: a strutting walk or proud gait; to walk with pride

strut 3 - anagram:  trust

STRUT: What’s in a name? It would have been easy to choose a vanity name, but “John’s Bags” didn’t say much about what we are. We chose STRUT because it says something about what our products stand for; Strength, Pride, and Trust.  STRUT is a term out of the engineering world roughly meaning something that prevents compression, from this we draw the concept of structural Strength. STRUT is also a word used to describe proud carriage. We look at Pride in a virtuous way, because it leads to high standards. By moving the “S” in STRUT from the first letter in the word to the fourth letter you discover that STRUT is an anagram for Trust. In this way the name STRUT is meant to inspire us with a set of high goals to carry us into the future. In the end, if we can earn your trust we will indeed be proud of our name, a name that stands for quality, a name that means something special.

john dvt4w.strap100dpi smJohn Fairley:
After 20 years as a retail business owner in Southwestern Vermont, John joined the management team at K&H Products (Porta- Brace). As Director of Operations he enjoyed a unique position that can only happen in a small New England manufacturing environment serving a worldwide market. K&H represented socially responsible manufacturing at its best. He comments that, “The people were happy, we put out a quality product, end-users had access to the design process, and when we went to trade shows it was like a reunion with old friends.” It is with great gratitude that John looks back on the people who shared their experience, knowledge and friendship: in particular Bob Howe (K & H Products, founder), Paul Miottke (production manager/inventor), and Grace Jarecke (lead designer).

After the business sold in 2004, and as digital technology was rapidly transforming the video industry, John realized the inevitability of change. A smaller, knowledgeable, agile company willing to stay focused, maintain high quality, and listen to the particular needs strut-in-springsummerof an expanding industry would be well suited to respond to the new climate. In 2006 John began implementing his vision as the STRUT line of transport cases. His long tenured experience in the design of Audio and Video transport solutions has enabled him to innovate new solutions and respond quickly to the fast pace of this ever changing international industry. STRUT is now 11 years strong!

Our most important resource is the end user. You are invited to call anytime and talk about the challenges you are facing in the field. We are ready to respond.

shop j smThe Barn: Our Design and Marketing team resides in a restored 100 year old barn with windows out to a beaver pond and a ridge of white pine and sugar maples. The open floor plan is conducive to good communication and creative exchange. Since we moved our production back to Vermont, the barn hasleather cut sm also become our cutting and shipping department. We want you to see where we’ll be when you call. We get asked, “why Vermont?” The fact is we love it here. Watching the birds and wildlife that pass through here keeps us grounded. Last week we had visits from a Bear, a Bobcat and a large Snapping Turtle!

Production: Our production team is located in Vermont. Making a commitment to local manufacturing came at a high cost, but the benefits have been well worth it. We now have direct and immediate control over production. Improvements and adjustments can be made in the middle of a run if necessary. We benefit directly from the creative input of our co-workers. The high quality achieved is testament to our happy and skilled people and the dedication of all involved to responsible employment practices.

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