NEW Strut ‘Gunner’ GTC- 6U

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The Gunner (GTC-6U) is a professional field case for full- sized, shoulder-mount cameras like the AG-HPX500. Special consideration has been planned into this case to address the added length and weight of this camera and available accessories. The Gunner case gives you a high level of protection for your delicate equipment in a soft field case, while giving you the ability to organize accessories without risk of damaging the camera.

The side viewfinder makes this camera particularly vulnerable to impact. A special armored shield is designed into the sidewall of the case to give added protection for the camera’s viewfinder. The shape of this shield is intended to deflect impact from the front and its’ extended length allows for flexibility in lens length. (see detail) This approach allows us to limit camera movement inside the case during transport as the sidewalls gently hug the camera body. It also allows us to give you large organizer pockets without making the case too wide for airline travel. Giving the camera its’ own space and stowing accessories away from the camera prevents the possibility of migration of loose parts around the camera and lens.

An adjustable tie-down is sewn into the bottom of the case to give it a positive grip on your equipment. It is adjustable and removable. Pockets all have oversized YKK zipper closings so you can properly secure contents. Pockets have storm flaps to protect zippers against abrasion, and protect contents from dust and soggy weather. Storm flaps are designed to fold out of the way for easy zipper operation.  We add  gussets tocompartments where needed so your valuables won’t fall out when fully

unzipped. Even our zipper pulls give you more leverage and work better when wearing gloves.

The interior of the main compartment is L28”[711mm] x H12”[304mm] x W 9.5” [241mm] at viewfinder. Extra width is provided in the right places to allow for large sunscreens and most matte boxes. In addition to padding, the sidewalls have rigid plastic inserts to protect against impact and maintain the structural integrity of the case. 1000 denier nylon Cordura™ with waterproof coating gives you a tough exterior. The interior lining is made of a durable 200 denier, light colored, soft nylon that is easy to clean, and will not produce or capture lint or dust. Designed for field use, there are rubber feet on the bottom of the case for added cushioning, prevent wear and to keep the case up off wet surfaces. There is a “fifth foot” in the center of the case to provide a proper foundation for the camera below the junction of the camera body and the lens.

Handsome tanned leather at the hand grip and the shoulder pad of the shoulder strap (see detail) adds comfort, durability, classic styling and is also a harness when needed. Shoulder Pad is 3.25”W X 12”L 9oz leather to support the weight, laminated to grippy neoprene so it stays put, and has a chest strap easily converting the strap to a harness so you can truly use your hands for other things besides constant re-adjustment.  We use top-of-the-line metal hardware  that looks good and holds up under hard use.
* Configuration for the camera, lens, battery and optional accessories should not exceed 28”(711mm)