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High Quality Videocamera & Audio Cases  for Professionals

Made In Vermont, USA


the STRUT Difference
   “ All cases are NOT created equal.”


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Made in USA: Our line is made in Vermont. Local production not only makes us feel good, it gives us better control of the process, allows us to quickly change direction with the needs of our customers, and gives us direct access to the creative input of everyone in the Strut production chain. “It is hard to measure or express our gratitude to all the people who help us in our quest to be the best in the market.”  _________________

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Proper fit is important for your camera. Look especially at the pressure points, the mike bracket, the viewfinder, and the sunshade or matte box. STRUT cases are made with your camera in mind. We know that when you get on location the last thing you should have to worry about is a camera that’s down because it wasn’t stowed securely. Our cases are a little roomier where it counts. We introduce “camera cradles” and/or tie-downs where we feel they will add security. Our tie-downs are sewn into the seams of the case to give them a positive grip on your equipment. They are also removable.   ____________________

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Feel the fabric; your STRUT case is extremely durable. The abrasion and tear resistance of 1000D Cordura™ is very high. Notice how soft and supple the fabric is. Beware of cases that feel coarse by comparison. Coarse fabrics do not extend wear, are tough on your clothes, and do not say “quality”. The back of the fabric has been coated with polyurethane to make it waterproof. The waterproof coating will last for years under normal use. There is also an invisible face coating to resist wicking. Face coatings do not last as long, so if you are out in the weather a lot, spray the exterior every few months with a silicone based fabric spray so the water will bead up and to help it resist dirt.     

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CONSTRUCTION: This case has plastic sheeting in the sidewalls to resist impact along with at least one layer of foam to cushion equipment and absorb vibration. The plastic also helps it maintain its’ shape since foam alone will start to break down over time. Our design objectives are fit, durability, and protection from a case that won’t weigh you down.

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WORKMANSHIP: Our production team is highly skilled and dedicated to quality. Close inspection confirms that you are buying the best. STRUT cases offer you the fine quality craftsmanship you need to protect your valuable equipment, and withstand the rigors of field production.

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DETAILING: If there were one thing that differentiates us most, it is the level of detail we put into a case. We add zippers to compartments so your valuables won’t fall out, zippers to pockets for the same reason and to keep out the dust and weather. We make storm flaps that fold out of the way, our zipper pulls give you more leverage, and our pockets are on the outside so your gear can be stowed away from your camera. We make straps with real leather that gets better with age and holds up to bad weather. Our shoulder straps are wide to support the weight, grippy so they stay put, and most even have a chest strap so you can truly use your hands for other things besides constant readjustment. We use top-of-the-line metal hardware that looks good and holds up under hard use. For longer cameras we put an extra “foot” on the bottom of the case so the case won’t sag and put pressure on the lens connection. Our “gunner” line has over 100 separate parts. We don’t skimp on features; no one else walks the walk (or ‘struts the strut’) like we do. That’s what sets us apart.

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No two Videographers work alike. There are many combinations of accessories to consider including Matte boxes, lights, mic brackets and microphones, hard drives, wireless and battery options. We give you many padded pockets to organize your kit to suit your needs. We design cases that can grow with your camera. _

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The traditional lines, quality fabrics and leather features of STRUT cases are intended to “wear in” over time, getting better with age. Like a trusted friend, they do their job day in and day out so you can spend time thinking about the ever-changing landscape of your art.

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EXPERIENCE: There is no substitute. I have spent the past 20
years working with many of you daily to resolve issues arising from transporting video equipment in the field. Where proper solutions didn’t exist, we worked together to create something new. This is a dynamic industry; working with change is what makes it fun.                     ____________________


Fit + Quality Fabrics & Construction + Details + Workmanship + Flexibility + Styling + Experience + Competitive Pricing = VALUE. No one else gives you the value you get in a STRUT case.

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