The STRUT “Wrap”

on the back of your case has 4 functions:


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1.      When using your recorder with a boom, attach a piece of adhesive-back Velcro “loop” on your boom pole at the spot where you want to operate your recorder.boom pole accessories-img_0557 Open the wrap, and notice the “hook” Velcro on the side against the body of the recorder. Marry this hook to the loop on your boom and wrap the remaining material around the boom tightly. You might want to do a dry run first before attaching the adhesive back loop on your boom. You may also prefer to put a larger piece of loop on the boom so you can make adjustments while you work.

2.      The Wrap can also be used to attach a wireless receiver such as the Sennheiser EK 100 or similar size (2 ”w x 3 ”d). To do this, first put a 1” x 2” piece of adhesive –back Velcro loop on the back of the receiver. Marry the loop on the receiver to the hook on the back of the wrap, then wrap the remaining 2 sides of the wrap together and fasten hook to loop. We recommendEK100 receiver wrap web at least a 1” overlap of hook to loop for good adhesion. Larger accessories like an external battery pack can be fastened in a similar manner, but may need an extension of the Velcro to complete a proper wrap.
         a) To make a Velcro wrap extension, take one piece of 2”x 4” adhesive-back “loop” and 1 piece of 2”x4” adhesive back “hook” Velcro and stick them together back to back Line them up carefully, once they are stuck together they won’t come apart.

3.      As a table-prop during meetings: tuck the lid in the wrap, exposing the on- board mics, swing the wrap 90 out from the body of the recorder and use as a table stand.
      *For added rigidity do the same as in a) above but before sticking the 2 pieces together, cut a 3 ” piece of a bamboo skewer like you use for making kebobs. Put the skewer length wise in the center of your Velcro sandwich so that no wood is showing.   Now attach this piece to the hook on the back of the wrap.

4.        As a belt loop: Velcro the wrap tightly against the body of the case, engage the web tab to the hook inside the wrap, pass the belt through the gap between the wrap and the body of the case. 

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